The Perfect Way to Pour a Beer

The Perfect Way to Pour a Beer

Beer is a beloved beverage enjoyed by many, and some would say it's even a staple at sports events, concerts and other social gatherings, including Oktoberfest! If you enjoy beer, it's important to understand the science behind pouring it well to ensure maximum enjoyment. There is a technique to pouring beer that can make even the cheapest of brews taste better! Basically, to pour the perfect glass of beer you need a good glass and the right tilt.

All beers contain bubbles. When you pour beer into a glass, you can accelerate the creation of these bubbles. The art of decanting the perfect beer is all about avoiding the production of those bubbles, which is called nucleation. To start, make sure you have a freshly rinsed glass and a very cold beer. The quality of the glass is important because dust, scratches and ice increase the rate of nucleation.

Do not pour the beer straight into the glass, because this method creates a vacuum and will increase nucleation. Instead, tilt the glass to about a 45 degree angle and begin to pour the beer slowly so that bubbles do not form as quickly. As the liquid reaches the top of the glass, you'll want to straighten it and begin to pour the beer right down the middle. Towards the end of the beer, increasing the formation of bubbles will help to create the head of the beer. The ideal head of a beer should be about an inch to an inch and a half. Once you have that, you're ready to take a sip and enjoy.

Watch the video above to learn the perfect way to pour a beer! Then, check out the slideshow below to discover 10 surprising health benefits of beer!

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