The Perfect Sunny Side Up Egg

The Perfect Sunny Side Up Egg

As a hugely versatile food, it's a great to know how to properly cook eggs. It's actually pretty simple to fry eggs (it takes just a few minutes), and sunny side up eggs make for a great breakfast in the morning. Since it's such a basic breakfast food, why not learn to perfect the simple technique?

To get started, heat a skillet on medium to low heat. Make sure to use the freshest eggs you can find. (The fresher the egg, the better the whites will hold up!) Put two teaspoons of unsalted butter into the skillet to moisten the pan.

Remember to crack your eggs on a flat surface for the best results. Cracking an egg on the side of a pan could cause the shell to push up into the egg. Drop the egg into the pan and make sure to keep the heat low. Tilt the pan slightly and spoon some of the excess butter on to the egg whites so that they cook evenly. The egg whites have cooked properly when they are firm. Season the eggs with salt and a little bit of pepper to taste.

Slide the eggs right out the pan and on to a plate, and serve the eggs with toast or bacon for a hearty and delicious breakfast!

Watch the video above to learn how to make the perfect sunny side up egg in a few short minutes!

Image Credit: Martha Stewart