A Peek Inside Chef Tim Love's Kitchen

A Peek Inside Chef Tim Love's Kitchen
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A Peek Inside Chef Tim Love's Kitchen

Read on to get a look inside chef Tim Love's personal kitchen!

Image Credit: Tim Love

Shopping the garden

Despite the fact that Tim is big on meat, he says he and his family actually eat a lot more vegetables than most people would think. (Tim even revealed that he loves juicing!) He and his family are big on fresh produce, which you'll notice around the kitchen.

"We have a big garden at our house," Tim shares. "We've got 3 kinds of tomatoes, 6 kinds of chilis, a ton of herbs—especially basil. I mean, basil might as well be a weed in Texas, you can grow the heck out of it. We have watermelon, eggplant, radishes, and cucumbers. So we shop the garden a lot. We have an apple tree and a peach tree ... and a gigantic fig tree too. Which, by the way, if you need any figs, I've got a zillion of them," Tim jokes.

Image Credit: Tim Love

A stove bigger than his restaurant's

Tim says his wife cooks every night, whether he's home or not, so his appliances get quite a lot of use. He and his family also love entertaining, and frequently have people over to share a meal. So it probably helps that he has a stovetop larger than the one at one of his restaurants! "I've got more burners at my house than we have at Lonesome Dove," Tim shares. "We only have 6 burners at Lonesome Dove, and I've got 12 at my house."

Image Credit: Tim Love

All the necessary seasonings

Like any good chef, Tim's kitchen is replete with his go-to seasonings. "We always have kosher salt and large cracked black pepper," Tim says. He also uses his very own rubs for poultry, seafood, beef and wild game. "We use those all the time. Those are always in the house."

Tim also says he's a big fan of finishing with acid on all kinds of meats, so he has around 10 different kinds of vinegars in his kitchen, and he always keeps lemons and limes handy. "I especially love Meyer lemons. I love finishing meats with [them]; I think it's beautiful," he says.

Image Credit: Tim Love

Bringing the cooking outdoors

Tim loves to cook outdoors as well, which is why he has a kitchen outside! If he's home he says he'll usually be grilling out there. "We use the outdoor kitchen a ton. I've got a big double burner outside that I can do a crawfish boil for 100 on this really cool burner," Tim shares. He also has a wood oven outside by the pool. "I love having all my kids' friends over. We line up pizza dough up and down the island outside, and everybody decorates their own pizzas, and I start firing them off in the oven."

Tim also notes that the fun continues indoors. "Inside, we have a big 10-foot island with a big sink in the middle of it. So I'll have my kids and their friends over and we'll all get together and prep the food. We made that so you can push everything into the middle of the island, so you don't have to move it over to the other sink. It's a really, really fun kitchen, and a lot of people can hang out in it which I like. We all know, nobody hangs out anywhere but in the kitchen," he shares.

Image Credit: Tim Love

The popcorn machine

If you look in the corner of Tim's kitchen, you'll see a red popcorn machine that gets a lot of use from his family. "There's no better popcorn than popcorn that comes out of the popcorn machine. Period. I love me some popcorn, and my kids love it even more. So we'll pop popcorn, and we'll flavor it with all kinds of stuff all the time … We've got [around] 10 different rubs that we use, so my kids love popping the popcorn and they throw all that stuff on there," Tim says.

But that isn't the only machine that they love to use in their kitchen. "My house is actually a kitchen store," Tim jokes. "We have all the fun gadgets." The Love family has a snow cone machine, a juicer and a margarita machine. "It's a blast. If you ain't having fun, you ain't having fun," Tim laughs.

Image Credit: Tim Love


Chef Tim Love has several restaurants of his own in Texas, but they aren't the only places he likes to cook. His family puts together meals every night at home, and they often entertain groups for dinner. Tim shared photos of his personal kitchen to give us an inside look at the space he and his family use often. It's full of fresh produce, enviable appliances and a bunch of on-hand seasonings sprinkled about.

We also couldn't help but notice how clean it is! According to Tim, that's an important aspect to any home kitchen. "There's nothing that feels better than walking into somebody's house if you're having dinner, and the kitchen [is] spotless. It just makes the dinner that much better. Just like if you walk into a restaurant. You don't want to walk into the bathroom and have it be dirty," Tim shares.

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