Oops! Restaurant Charges Man $27,000 for Chicken Parm

Oops! Restaurant Charges Man $27,000 for Chicken Parm

A restaurant in Knoxville, Tennessee appeared to have some issues with its cash register. Several customers were charged upwards of thousands of dollars for meals that should have cost much less.

WATE reported that James Morgan noticed a $27,000 charge on his bank statement from the Chop House, where he had only ordered a chicken parmesan and two beers for $20. As it turned out, many customers had been charged between $8,000 and $99,000 for their meals that night.

"I was just kind of in shock of the whole thing. I've never been in that situation or anything like that happening to me before," said Morgan.

According to the CFO of the Chop House, the overcharging was due to a glitch in the debit and credit card processor and only occurred on October 21st. The restaurant is working on getting the charges reversed and plans to cover the overdraft fee for the affected customers.

According to Eater, earlier this year a similar problem arose at a Del Taco in California, where the diners were charged $2,000 for sodas and over $10,000 for only $10 worth of tacos!

Watch the video above to learn more about this big restaurant mishap.