Olive Garden is Offering 7 Weeks of Pasta for $100

Olive Garden is Offering 7 Weeks of Pasta for $100
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Olive Garden is Offering 7 Weeks of Pasta for $100

Read on to learn more about Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta Pass.

For the first time ever, Olive Garden is offering a "Never Ending Pasta Pass." The pass costs $100 and will allow the card holder to order unlimited pasta, salad, bread and Coca Cola soft drinks for seven weeks.

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Olive Garden will only sell 1,000 of these pasta passes though. Starting on September 8th at 3pm E.T., fans can log on to the Olive Garden website to vie for seven blissful weeks of carbo-loading.

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The Pasta Pass has arrived just before Olive Garden's "Never Ending Pasta Bowl" promo, which lets customers enjoy all the pasta they want for $9.99. The "Never Ending Pasta Bowl" starts on September 22.

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The executive vice president of marketing Jay Spenchian explains,“What we’re trying to do is get some attention. It’s sure to provoke a reaction.”

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If you're a big fan of the Olive Garden, then this deal might be too good to pass up! The chain announced that a lucky 1,000 can receive Olive Garden's "Never Ending Pasta Pass" to enjoy seven weeks of unlimited pasta, breadsticks and more for only $100.

Check out the slideshow above to learn more about the Olive Garden's tasty deal.

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