Oh My Darling Clementine

We're avid fans of the juicy, seedless fruit that comes in small wooden crates. In fact, when winter arrives and we begin to see the fruit in stores, our heart skips a beat. Nothing compares to the sweet aroma of citrus as you peel off the loose, glossy exterior layers, devouring every last tasty bite.

So, where did this heavenly orange dream come from? That's a great question with an even better answer.

It's said that clementines, also known as "Christmas oranges" due to their winter season arrival, were created in 1902 by Marie-Clément Rodier, a French missionary brother. While helping to run an orphanage in Algeria, Brother Marie-Clément tended to the residences' citrus trees. To his surprise, something new blossomed from an uncultivated tree found among thorn bushes in the orchard. Not quite orange, not quite mandarin, this fruit was named after its founder, Brother Marie-Clément, who passed away in 1904.

Now that we know where clementines come from, how about a few fascinating facts? Check out our slideshow above.