Nutella: A Student Obsession

While peanut butter may still be the spread of choice in the United States, students at Columbia University are crazy for Nutella. According to the New York Times, the school started serving the hazelnut spread in one of their dining halls a month ago at the recommendation of a student representative. Almost as soon as it became available, students began devouring it in the cafeteria and even took it, en masse, back to their dorm rooms. By the time exams rolled around, undergrads were walking away with the spread in containers, lathered on bread or still in the jar to ease the stress of studying.

By some estimates, students went through more than 100 pounds of Nutella a day and the university spent close to $5,000 the first week it was available in the dining hall. While initially discussed as problematic behind the scenes, the great Nutella dilemma has spread to the web where the conversation continues publicly on Facebook. Most students continue to stand behind their actions and hope to keep Nutella in the hall.

Whether or not you are as enthusiastic about Nutella as the students at Columbia University, you have to admit that Nutella is truly delicious. In honor of "Nutella-Gate," as it's been called, Check out the slideshow above for our favorite Nutella recipes.