News Bites: Why America Is Overweight and a New Way to Drink Soda

News Bites: Why America Is Overweight and a New Way to Drink Soda
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News Bites: Why America Is Overweight and a New Way to Drink Soda

Read on for the May 27, 2014 edition of News Bites.

The Surprising Reason We Are Overweight

Experts cite many reasons for America's unprecedented obesity epidemic: soda, fast food, sugar, etc; however, a new study has found that we are simply eating more because food is cheaper than it has ever been. Since the 1930s, food is more accessible, less expensive and customers have many more options. Americans are also eating different kinds of food, which helps to account for the average 20 percent increase in calorie consumption since the '70s.

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Pepsi Spire

Pepsi has created a unique vending machine that lets customers mix and match their different sodas. The Pepsi Spire machine lets you pick a drink and then add up to three different flavors to customize the beverage.

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New Sriracha

The company that is best known for its Tabasco sauce is now trying its hand at a sriracha sauce. Tabasco is the number-one selling hot sauce on the market in the U.S., so they might be in the right position to tackle the reign of sriracha.

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A New Way to Chill Beverages

Just in time for summer comes a new way to cool down beverages. The Spin Chill is a battery-powered "drill" that clips to the top of a soda, bottle or beer can. After the beverage is placed in an ice-filled container, you can begin the spinning process, which cools the drink down in 60 seconds! The process works by convection.

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McDonald's World Cup Box

For the first time ever, McDonalds' is launching a new French fry box. In the spirit of the World Cup, McDonald's has released a new design that celebrates the global sporting event. The boxes were decorated by 12 artists from all over the world.

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It seems like every week there is a new report on the growing obesity crisis in America. While some people think lack of exercise is to blame for our expanding waistlines, others think it's entirely about the kind of food we eat. However, a new study has found a very simple reason to explain why we're getting fatter.

In other News:

  • Pepsi tries to revolutionize the soda game.
  • There's a new sriracha in town.
  • And a new way to chill beverages.
  • McDonald's tries something new for the World Cup.

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