News Bites: UK Market Bans Candy and the Wownut

News Bites: UK Market Bans Candy and the Wownut
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News Bites: UK Market Bans Candy and the Wownut

Read on for the May 30, 2014 edition of News Bites.

UK Candy Ban

Tesco, the largest supermarket in the UK, has decided to ban all sweets from its checkout aisles. "We're doing this now because our customers have told us that removing sweets and chocolates from checkouts will help them make healthier choices,"Phillip Clarke, chief executive at Tesco, explained in a statement.

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The Wownut Hits L.A.

Not too long ago we reported on the magical Wonut, a delicious mash-up of donut and waffle. DK Donuts in Southern California has blended donut dough and waffle batter to make a treat that comes in red velvet, chocolate and ube, a purple yam common in Filipino desserts. L.A. has opted to alter the name slightly and calls it the Wownut.

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Prunes Could Aid Weight Loss.

Even though dieters are often advised to limit typically sugar-filled dried fruit, a new study has found prunes to be helpful in weight loss. The subjects who ate prunes lost more weight toward the end of the study and said they felt more full.

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The Economy Affects Weight Gain.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development studied data from 10 countries and found that the 2008 economic crisis likely forced many families to spend less on healthy foods and more on unhealthy ones. They also found that as a country developed more, its obesity rates grew with it.

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Skip the White Bread.

A new study has found that eating just three slices of white bread a day increased the likelihood of being obese. On the other hand, whole grain bread didn't cause weight gain. Subjects who had 120 grams or more of white bread every day were 40 percent more likely to gain weight than those who consumed 60 grams or less.

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Britain's largest supermarket chain will ban candy from its checkout aisles. This decision comes after the store polled its customers to see what would help them to make healthy choices.

In other News:

  • This new type of donut wows L.A.
  • Prunes could aid weight loss.
  • The economy could affect weight gain.
  • White bread isn't so good for your waistline.

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