News Bites: Tasty Deal for Hamburger Day and World Cup Donuts

News Bites: Tasty Deal for Hamburger Day and World Cup Donuts
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News Bites: Tasty Deal for Hamburger Day and World Cup Donuts

Read on for the May 28, 2014 edition of News Bites.

Hamburger Day

Happy National Hamburger Day! After a weekend of grilling, we know you are still craving one more burger. White Castle is celebrating National Hamburger Day with free sliders in Manhattan, so dig in!

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Taste for Fat

A new study has found that people who don't taste the fat in food are more likely to overeat, which could contribute to obesity. The researchers from Deakin University believe that tasting fat is crucial to feeling full after a meal, therefore, if you cannot taste the fat then you might eat more and even remain hungrier.

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Krispy Kreme World Cup

To celebrate the world cup, Krispy Kreme Japan has debuted several donuts that represent six different countries competing in the events. The U.S. is Lemon Cheesecake; Britain is Peach Melba; France is Creme Brulee, Italy is Tiramisu, Japan is Matcha Old Fashioned and Brazil is Mango Passion.

Image Credit: Twitter via Krispy Kreme

The Canine Paleo Diet

Fans of the Paeo diet are now offering it to their dogs and many are finding great results. However, vets are a little more skeptical of the diet. Since the meat is generally raw, this is actually a public health issue. The dogs may be fine with eating raw meat, but they could pass on salmonella in their waste, which could be harmful to children and babies who crawl on the ground.

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Raw Fish

Sushi is a beloved delicacy to many, but at the end of the day, it's raw fish. Ever wonder why people eat raw fish and not say chicken or pork? Biophysicist Ole Mouritsen explains in his book Sushi: Food for the Eye, the Body and the Soul that since fish live in a gravity-less environment (the ocean), their muscles are soft. Fish taste silky and smooth when consumed raw and light when cooked, whereas land animals have tougher muscles to stay upright on the land.

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Hungry for More News Bites?

Yesterday, News Bites explored why America is overweight and a new type of soda.

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May 28 is National Hamburger Day! What better way to celebrate such an American classic than with a free burger?

In other news:

  • Being fat might have a lot to do with tasting fat.
  • Celebrate the world cup, Krispy Kreme-style.
  • Some people have tried the Paleo diet on their pets.
  • Why does raw fish taste good anyway?

Check out the slideshow above for today's News Bites.

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