News Bites: Sweet New Krispy Kreme and a Major Beef Recall

News Bites: Sweet New Krispy Kreme and a Major Beef Recall
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News Bites: Sweet New Krispy Kreme and a Major Beef Recall

Read on for the May 19, 2014 edition of News Bites.

Kripsy Kreme Unveils New Donut.

Kripsy Kreme takes the cake. Now the famous donut brand will be selling a Birthday Cake Batter Donut and a Brownie Batter Donut. Both donuts feature yeast shells, are filled with cake or brownie batter and are topped with sprinkles.

Image Credit: Twitter via Krispy Kreme

Big Beef Recall Due to E.Coli

A meat packing company has recalled 1.8 million pounds of ground beef after it was found to have caused 12 E.coli infections in four states.

Image Credit: Getty Images

McD's Guac

McDonald's has been testing a Guacamole Burger in its Denver locations. Guacamole has been available as a topping in McDonald's Southern California joints, where customers can build their own burgers. However, the Guacamole Burger would be the first of its kind.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Kale Brussels Sprouts

You read that right. A British vegetable breeding company has combined two of the most trendy veggies on the market: Brussels sprouts and kale. The veggies will be available in America this fall under the name "Kalettes."

Image Credit: Getty Images

Drinkable Sunscreen

This summer, you can quench your thirst with...sunscreen! A new line of drinkable sunscreen called Harmonized H20 UV just launched. The sunscreen offers SPF 30 protection and works when the drink's liquid molecules vibrate on the skin. This process helps to cancel out 97 percent of UVA and UVB rays, according to Osmosis Skincare.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Joy Bauer's Snack Line

Today's resident nutritional expert, Joy Bauer, has launched a line of snacks. For $12.50 a week, Nourish Snacks sends out a box of five packaged snacks, all under 200 calories. The snacks include Cocoa Loco, which contains dark chocolate clusters of chia and oats, Nutty 'Nanas containing dried bananas and walnuts and Cinnfully Chic made up of crispy, cinnamon-spiced chickpeas.

Image Credit: Getty Images

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Image Credit: By Arnaldo Magnani via Getty Images Entertainment


Great news if you love donuts! Krispy Kreme is tempting us once again with a sweet new creation. This mouth-watering treat will make you wish it was your birthday everyday...

In other news:

  • There has been a huge beef recall due to E.coli.
  • McDonald's is testing a new burger that will definitely delight Californians.
  • This new food mash-up is a vegetable!
  • Joy Bauer debuts a snack line.

Check out the slideshow above for today's News Bites.

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