News Bites: SNL Ice Cream and Another Reason to Eat Broccoli

News Bites: SNL Ice Cream and Another Reason to Eat Broccoli
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News Bites: SNL Ice Cream and Another Reason to Eat Broccoli

Read on for the June 19, 2014 edition of News Bites.

New Ben & Jerry's Flavors

Ben & Jerry's is now selling some tasty and LOL-worthy ice cream flavors. These ice cream makers definitely have a sense of humor, since they've decided to base their new flavors after Saturday Night Live sketches. The famous Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell short Lazy Sunday mentions Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes, so the ice cream consists of vanilla cake batter ice cream with yellow and chocolate cupcakes bits, complete with a swirl of chocolate frosting. Gilly's Catastrophic Crunch is based on a Kristen Wiig character and it contains chocolate and sweet ice creams and caramel clusters with fudge-covered almonds and a marshmallow swirl.

image Credit: Twitter via Ben & Jerry's

Broccoli's Detoxifying Effects

A new study wanted to see if cruciferous vegetables like broccoli could speed up the rate of chemical excretion. The chemicals in question were benzene, something easily inhaled when at a gas station, and acrolein, which is commonly inhaled around smokers. The study had 291 Chinese adults, who lived in a farming community with high levels of air pollution, drink a beverage with broccoli sprouts or a drink with pineapple and lime juice for 12 weeks. The rate of excretion of benezene increased by 61 percent in the subjects who drank the broccoli sprouts and the rate of excretion for acolein went up 23 percent as well.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Alcohol and Vision

A new study has found that alcohol and physical activity might actually help to combat visual impairment later in life. The researchers studied almost 5,000 adults aged 43 to 84 from 1988 to 2013. They observed that physically active people had fewer instances of visual impairment. They also found that only 4.8 percent of the participants who drank on occasion experienced visual impairment, while 11 percent of participants who didn't drink often had visual impairment.

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Kit Kat Train Tickets

Thanks to a collaboration with Nestle, people in Japan can buy tickets for the Sanriku Railway in Japan's Iwatre Prefecture with Kit Kats. Buying a pack of Kit Kats costs less than a standard ticket and this initiative was created in the hopes of bringing tourists back to the northern province that was devastated by the 2011 Tōhoku Earthquake.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Flavored Toothpicks

First there was artisan coffee, then artisan grilled cheese. Now there are these flavored toothpicks. The Canadian company Phood Station has made the tooth picks in flavors like Pickle & Mustard, Bacon & Maple and Marshmallows & Smoke.

Image Credit: Getty Images

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Ben & Jerry's recently debuted an exclusive Margarita Pie Ice Cream flavor, but now the dynamic duo has churned up something much more amusing. Ben & Jerry Stores are now selling Saturday Night Live-flavored ice creams! Inspired by famous sketches, the flavors sound delicious and hilarious.

In Other News:

  • Broccoli sprouts may help the body to eliminate chemicals.
  • Drinking beer actually helps vision, new research suggests.
  • These lucky passengers can pay for a train ride with Kit Kats.
  • Would you use flavored toothpicks?

Check out the slideshow above for today's News Bites.

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