News Bites: Pirate's Booty Mac and Cheese and New Ben & Jerry's

News Bites: Pirate's Booty Mac and Cheese and New Ben & Jerry's
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News Bites: Pirate's Booty Mac and Cheese and New Ben & Jerry's

Read on for the June 6, 2014 edition of News Bites.

Pirate's Booty Makes Mac and Cheese

Pirate's Booty is known for making cheesy rice and corn puff chips, but now the company is trying its hand at boxed macaroni and cheese, which is now available at retailers throughout the country, including Target and Stop & Shop. The mac comes in several flavors and is made with 100 percent real cheese and organic wheat pasta.

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Ben & Jerry's New Flavor

Ben & Jerry's plans to test their new ice cream flavor at at the Chipotle Cultivate Festival in San Francisco to the lucky first one thousand customers. The popular ice cream makers have whipped up a new flavor called Margarita Pie. The mouth-watering treat consists of lime ice cream with tequila marshmallow and features chunks of shortbread crust. Fans of the Key Lime Pie flavor will enjoy this.

Image Credit: Twitter via Ben & Jerry's

The Bacon 5K

Now bacon-lovers have a reason to run a 5K! In the 5K Piggy Pilgrimage Bacon Chase, runners will have access to unlimited bacon and will have bacon bits tossed at them during the race. All runners 21 and over can get free Bloody Mary's after the race too.

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Chocolate Wallpaper

A brilliant artist has covered a wall in chocolate wallpaper. Scottish artist Anya Gallaccio says her work is edible and she hopes visitors will touch and eat the dark chocolate, proving that dreams do come true.

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Don't Skip Breakfast

A new study from the University of Bath explored the effect that breakfast had on several subjects. The researchers divided participants into two groups, one that ate breakfast and one that fasted until 12 p.m. Those who ate breakfast had better blood sugar control throughout the day and were more active than the group that fasted. The lead author of the study, Dr. James Betts, says that the most important take-away from this study is that people who eat breakfast burn more calories than those who skip it.

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Ready for a new kind of mac and cheese? Pirate's Booty has just launched its first line of boxed mac and cheese in a variety of flavors.

In other News:

  • Ben & Jerry's unveils a new flavor (hint: it's inspired by a cocktail).
  • There's a 5K for people who love bacon.
  • This art exhibit is edible and chocolate.
  • A new study finds that eating breakfast helps you burn more calories.

Check out the slideshow above for today's News Bites.

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