News Bites: Peeps on Donuts?

News Bites: Peeps on Donuts?
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News Bites: Peeps on Donuts?

Here's a tasty chunk of food news.

A Healthier Approach to Meat

Meat and beer have always been the perfect combination for grilling. Now, new research suggests that marinating meat in dark beer helps to reduce the risk of cancer. The study was published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry said that marinating meat in beer can help to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer, which grilled meat can sometimes cause.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Dunkin Donuts Easter-Themed Treats

On March 31st, Dunkin Donuts will debut a Peep topped doughnut for Easter! Add this to the litany of endless ideas for what to do with Peeps. The donut will be flower shaped and come with with a pink or yellow Peep.

Stan Frankenthaler, the Dunkin’ Brands Executive Chef and VP of Product Innovation, explained in a press release, "PEEPS are synonymous with fun and happiness and we are excited to combine two American favorites to create unique flower-shaped donuts adorned with a marshmallow chick that will sweeten any spring or Easter celebration.”

Image Credit: Courtesy Dunkin Donuts

A New Cronut?

Famed Cronut-inventor, Dominique Ansel, has created a new dessert with a garden theme just in time for spring. According to Ansel's Instagram, his new creation includes "milk chocolate mousse with brownie base, feuilletine ‘soil’ and mint gelee."

Image Credit: Dominique Ansel Bakery via Facebook

Organic News

According to new research from Oxford University, organic food doesn't have an impact on cancer prevention. The findings were published in the British Journal of Cancer. The subjects of the study were women who ate organic fruits and vegetables for over nine years. The women eating organic were no less likely to develop 16 types of cancer than the women who didn't eat organic foods.

Image Credit: Getty Images


We've rounded up the best bits of news from the food world.

Today we explore a new Dominque Ansel treat, how a marinade can help make meat healthier and what Dunkin Donuts plans to unveil for Easter.

Check out the slideshow above for breaking news in the food world.

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