News Bites: Organic Food Predictions and the Right Way to Cut Cake

News Bites: Organic Food Predictions and the Right Way to Cut Cake
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News Bites: Organic Food Predictions and the Right Way to Cut Cake

Read on for the June 20, 2014 edition of News Bites.

Predicted Organic and Natural Food Trends

The marketing and communications firm Sterling-Rice Group predicted the top natural and health foods that consumers will be vying for soon. Lentils made the cut and the experts even think that they will begin to show up in foods like pastas and waffles. The list also included: beets, probiotics, drinkable grains like chia seeds, grass-fed cows and other ethically responsible meats, bee-less honey and algae milk.

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Cutting Cake the Right Way

Sir Francis Galton, the famed British mathematician, once explained in a letter to the journal Nature that people had been cutting cake all wrong. He believed that slicing a cake typically left the cake exposed to the air. A recent viral video showed Galton's century-old way to cut a cake. By cutting a slice of cake straight down the middle, the cake halves can be pushed together and kept in place with a rubber band so that air won't dry out the dessert.

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Celiac Disease Pill

In a recent study, scientists found that the gluten-specific enzyme ALV003 helped to reduce a participant's exposure to gluten better than a placebo. The researchers hope that the ALV003 enzyme can be turned into a pill to help people with gluten intolerance.

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Domino's Pizza Voice-Order

Domino's Pizza recently became the first big fast food chain to offer a phone app that lets users order with their voice, similar to the Siri technology on the iPhone. When using the app on the iPhone or Andriod, users will order their pizza with "Dom," a computerized male voice.

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Jim Bean Pancake Syrup

If you're looking to make brunch even more fun, maybe it's time to add Jim Bean whiskey-infused pancake syrup. At $30 a 16-ounce bottle, you'll be set for many, many happy brunches and whiskey-covered pancakes.

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What do you always buy organic? Several experts have predicted that things like probiotics, lentils and beets will be among the most popular foods to buy organic. They even think lentils will begin to appear in foods like waffles and pasta.

In Other News:

  • You've been cutting cake all wrong.
  • Scientists are working on a pill for celiac disease.
  • A major fast food company now has an app that lets customers order with their voices.
  • Now you can top pancakes with an alcohol-infused syrup.
  • Tip perfectly around the world with this tipping calculator.

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