News Bites: Orange is the New Black Cookbook and Starbucks Prices Rise

News Bites: Orange is the New Black Cookbook and Starbucks Prices Rise
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News Bites: Orange is the New Black Cookbook and Starbucks Prices Rise

Read on for the June 23 edition of News Bites.

Orange is the New Black Cookbook

Get ready to eat like an inmate at Litchfield. Fans of Orange is the New Black will rejoice to learn that a cookbook based on the show will be released this fall. Bites, Booze, Secrets and Stories from Inside the Big House will feature Red's Chicken Kiev, Miss Claudette's Coconut Cake and Prison Punch.

Image Credit: Twitter via Orange is the New Black

Starbucks Prices to Increase.

Starbucks plans to raise its prices, beginning on Tuesday, June 24. Grande and Venti drinks might increase by 10 to 15 cents for coffee and 15 to 20 cents for mochas and lattes. The price of Starbucks coffee sold in supermarkets may also increase by a dollar. According to the Daily Meal, a drought in Brazil may be the reason for this increase in price.

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Wendy's Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger

Wendy's helped to pave the way for the explosive popularity of pretzel buns thanks in large part to its Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger. The beloved item was available for a limited time, but now it is coming back! This Fourth of July, Wendy's will serve the Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger once more for $4.99, which costs about 30 cents more than it did last year.

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Salad Art

A new study has found that salads tasted better when arranged to look like famous art. Psychologists made salads resemble the artwork of Wassily Kandinsky and found that diners were willing to pay twice the price for the salad than they would a more rustic salad. The subjects even preferred the flavor of the artistic dish over a conventional-looking salad that contained the same ingredients.

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Breweries and Animal Feed

Once brewers make beer, they often give the used leftover grain to farm animals as a cost-effective and nutritious feed. However, now the FDA wants to classify brewers who give away their leftover grain as animal food producers, which would hold the breweries to more stringent standards. The FDA hopes the new regulations will lower the instances of contamination.

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Love Orange is the New Black? Now you will be able to cook and eat like an inmate at Litchfield! The cookbook will be released this fall and feature recipes inspired by the fictional characters. Some of the dishes are even mentioned on the show.

In Other News:

  • Starbucks plans to raise its prices tomorrow.
  • A beloved Wendy's menu item makes a comeback.
  • Research suggests a pretty trick will make salads more delicious.
  • Breweries may no longer be able to give their old grain to farm animals.

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