News Bites: New Taco Bell Hybrid and New York Rangers Cronut

News Bites: New Taco Bell Hybrid and New York Rangers Cronut
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News Bites: New Taco Bell Hybrid and New York Rangers Cronut

Read on for the June 9, 2014 edition of News Bites.

The Quesarito

First, they combined Doritos with tortilla shells, and now Taco Bell has done it again. Starting today, the Quesarito will be available nationally. The burrito-quesadilla mash-up contains beef, seasoned rice, reduced-fat sour cream and chipotle sauce, which is all wrapped in a cheesy quesadilla shell.

Image Credit: Twitter via Taco Bell

New York Rangers Cronut

Dominique Ansel has debuted a limited edition New York Rangers themed Cronut to celebrate the Stanley Cup Finals. The festive confection will only be available on June 9th and New York Rangers teammates Adam Graves, Glenn Anderson and Ron Duguay will be at the bakery signing autographs.

Image Credit: Facebook via Dominique Ansel


A recent study found that fasting for two days or more helped to improve immune system function. The researchers discovered that fasting for two to four days every sixth months kicked the body into survival mode, which helped to use up old stores of fat and sugar in addition to breaking down older cells. The fasting seems to make the body replace old or damaged cells, which could be a helpful find for chemotherapy patients.

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Mad Cow Disease

Health officials recently announced that mad cow disease in Texas had resulted in a fourth death. The health officials believe that the victims could have acquired the disease from outside the United States and not Texas.

Image Credit: Getty Images

How James Cameron and His Wife are Changing School Lunches

It's not hard to spot a theme of environmentalism in the blockbuster Avatar, which makes it unsurprising that James Cameron and his wife Suzy Amis Cameron have become vegans. Amis Cameron has even created a school that centers around environmentalism and has a plant-based menu. The school also has a full-time gardener.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Pirate's Booty Makes Mac and Cheese

Pirate's Booty is known for making cheesy rice and corn puff chips, but now the company is trying its hand at boxed macaroni and cheese, which is now available at retailers throughout the country, including Target and Stop & Shop. The mac comes in several flavors and is made with 100 percent real cheese and organic wheat pasta.

Image Credit: Getty Images

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Taco Bell is debuting a new food mash-up nationally after months of testing. By crossing a burrito and a quesadilla, Taco Bell has invented the Quesarito.

In other News:

  • There's a limited edition New York Rangers Cronut.
  • Fasting could keep you from getting sick, a new study says.
  • Another victim of mad cow disease has been confirmed by health officials.
  • James Cameron's wife is trying to improve school lunches.
  • Ready for Pirate's Booty macaroni and cheese?

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