News Bites: A New Superfood and An Odd Vending Machine

News Bites: A New Superfood and An Odd Vending Machine
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News Bites: A New Superfood and An Odd Vending Machine

Read on for the June 18, 2014 edition of News Bites.

Camel Milk

Could camel milk topple the reign of almond milk? Camel's milk contains more protein, vitamin C and iron than cow's milk, in addition to less cholesterol. One farmer even claims that the milk has an inflammatory effect that benefits the brain.

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Steamed Rice Vending Machines

Sick of the candy bars in the vending machine? Head on over to South China University of Technology, where they've just installed a vending machine that drops steamed rice on to the students' trays. Would you try steamed rice from a vending machine? Rice has been consumed in China for thousands of years, so it's no wonder they've decided such a staple would be worthy of a fancy vending machine.

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Churro Ice Cream Sandwich

Something sweet has been going on at the Churro Borough in Los Angeles. The churro joint has created a Churro Ice Cream Sandwich. The drool-worthy dessert comes with a variety of ice creams like Mexican hot chocolate, caramel peach and a seasonal Orange Creamsicle.

Image Credit: Twitter via Churro Borough

Food Trucks

If you frequent food trucks then we've got good news for you. A new study found that food trucks are as safe or even safer than restaurants. The research found that food trucks and carts tended to have fewer health and safety violations than restaurants after analyzing over 260,000 eateries in Boston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Louisville, Seattle and Washington D.C.

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Lycopene Pill

To test the effects of lyocopene on heart disease, researchers at Cambridge University and Cambridge University Hospital gave a group of heart patients a daily supplement of lycopene or a placebo pill every day for two months. The 36 participants who took the lycopene pill had their blood vessels widen by 53 percent, which the scientists say is because the endothelium, the cellular inner wall lining of the blood vessels, was functioning better.

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Planters Peanuts New Flavors

Planters Peanuts has just launched four new flavors. Fans of the institutional brand will no doubt rejoice. The new flavors are Salted Caramel, Cocoa, Chipotle and Smoked.

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Superfoods are like fashion, one day you're in, the next day you're out. Now, a new potential superfood is in town. Could camel milk be the next almond milk? Camel's milk boasts a variety of health benefits just like almond milk does, but does it have the star power to take down soy or almond milk?

In Other News:

  • This university just installed the most unusual vending machines.
  • This new ice cream sandwich brilliantly uses churros.
  • A new study found food trucks to be as safe or safer than restaurants.
  • A lycopene pill could reduce the risk of heart disease, new research finds.
  • Planters Peanuts releases new flavors.

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