News Bites: New Dunkin Donuts Breakfast Sandwich, Fireball Whiskey Boom and More

News Bites: New Dunkin Donuts Breakfast Sandwich, Fireball Whiskey Boom and More
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News Bites: New Dunkin Donuts Breakfast Sandwich, Fireball Whiskey Boom and More

Read on for today's News Bites.

New Dunkin Donuts Breakfast

Now you can enjoy a Sausage Apple Chicken Sandwich from Dunkin Donuts. The new breakfast sandwich is a part of the "better-for-you" menu and is only 400 calories. The sandwich consists of chicken-apple sausage, an egg and reduced-fat cheddar cheese.

Image Credit: Twitter via Dunkin Donuts

Fireball Whiskey Booms

Fireball Whiskey is a cinnamon-infused orange liqueur that has become a huge social media craze. Consumers of the beverage like to post about it on social platforms, which has helped to turn Fireball into one of the most successful liquor brands—especially among women.

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More Female Sommeliers

The wine world is typically male-dominated, but now it seems like more women are working their way in. At the California branch of The Culinary Institute of America (CIA), more women have enrolled in the wine course for sommeliers than men. According to Dorothy Cann Hamilton, the founder and CEO of the International Culinary Center, this recent surge is do to economics. Women who are already working as waitresses and hostesses realize that they can make more money as sommeliers.

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An Upside to Feeling Gassy

Yes, feeling gassy isn't always pleasant, but it turns out it could be a sign of a healthy gut! When you are eating fiber-filled veggies like broccoli and cauliflower, your body releases gas as they break down. The process is healthy and food for your entire body. The gut bacteria even aids the body's immune response.

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Unlikely Cures

If you're in a bind, try honey to heal a small cut. Honey has natural properties that make it an ideal way to kill bacteria that could cause infections. Got a bug bite? Tea bags are actually a very soothing cure for a mosquito bite. If you are dealing with a painful sunburn, you could seek relief with a cucumber, which contains anti-inflammatory compounds like vitamin C and caffeic acid.

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In an attempt to lighten up their menu, Dunkin Donuts is releasing a new breakfast sandwich filled with chicken sausage. The breakfast sandwich is a part of Dunkin's "better-for-you" menu.

In other news:

  • An unlikely whiskey is becoming wildly popular.
  • More women are being drawn to one profession.
  • One uncomfortable symptom may actually be a good thing!
  • Honey, tea bags and cucumbers may be helpful for healing wounds.

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