News Bites: A New Dessert Hybrid and a New Way to Beat Eggs

News Bites: A New Dessert Hybrid and a New Way to Beat Eggs
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News Bites: A New Dessert Hybrid and a New Way to Beat Eggs

Read on for today's News Bites.

The Waffogato

Dominique Ansel, inventor of the Cronut, strikes again. This tasty twist on the classic Italian dessert affogato replaces the traditional vanilla ice cream with a tiny Belgian waffle. The Waffogato also includes a bit of sea salt, tapioca pearls and maple syrup espresso.

Image Credit: Twitter via Dominique Ansel

The Golden Goose

Love eggs? Get in line for this special device that scrambles eggs while they are still in the shell! The handy tool rotates the egg back and forth to mix the white and the yolk together in about 15 seconds. The designer says that this method prevents the eggs from encountering oxygen, which has health benefits and changes the flavor of the dish.

Image Credit: Twitter via Golden Goose

Game of Thrones Burger

If you're pumped for Game of Thrones this weekend, definitely get a hold of the Game of Thrones burger. Inspired by the Mother of Dragons, the burger contains a kale patty, beet gratin with red dragon cheese, shiitake mushroom bacon, tomatoes and aioli (and thankfully no horse meat). Due to the kale, the burger can be called the "kale-esi."

Image Credit: Getty Images

Unusual Apple Cider

Cider is traditionally made with fermented apples, but when the apple crop isn't so good, cider makers get creative. To the dismay of cider purists, some cider brewers have tried ingredients as diverse as chocolate, tropical fruit juices, unique yeasts, chili peppers and even herbs.

Image Credit: Getty Images


Ever heard of the jackfruit? The little known fruit thrives in India and Bangladesh and even though it's not very popular, the jackfruit is a nutritional powerhouse. Filled with protein, potassium and vitamin B, the jackfruit is only around 95 calories a cup. People are beginning to wonder if the jackfruit is the ideal tree fruit for countries facing food insecurity.

Image Credit: Getty Images

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Cronut fans, take note! Dominique Ansel has come up with another creation to baffle the pastry world. The Waffogato is a delightful take on the typical Italian dessert, affogato.

In other news:

  • A new device now scrambles eggs inside their shell.
  • Get ready for the Game of Thrones burger.
  • The jackfruit is literally a super food.
  • Without apples, cider makers try other foods.

Check out the slideshow above for today's News Bites.

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