News Bites: Most Popular Starbucks Orders, the Dark Side of Superfoods and More

News Bites: Most Popular Starbucks Orders, the Dark Side of Superfoods and More
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News Bites: Most Popular Starbucks Orders, the Dark Side of Superfoods and More

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Let's Talk Superfoods.

They've been hailed for their exceptional health benefits, but superfoods aren't always the easiest to digest (and neither is this news). According to the Daily Mail, consuming too much raw kale can interfere with thyroid function. Goji berries are filled with a chemical compound that increase the chance of a syndrome called "leaky gut." With superfoods (and all foods!), it's best to stick with the classic mantra: Everything in moderation.

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What's Your Starbucks Order?

Quartz examined the most popular Starbucks orders by the state. They found that Frappucinos are super popular in Los Angeles, but also in San Antonio, while Memphis loves their chocolate mochas. Iced coffee is most frequently ordered in warm places like Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Hawaii and Southern California, but Oklahoma loves it too!

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Watermelon Works Wonders.

New research from Florida State University has found that watermelon could lower blood pressure in overweight subjects. The 12-week study examined 13 middle-aged, obese men and women who had high blood pressure. The subjects refrained from taking blood pressure medication for the duration of the study and instead took amino acid extracts from watermelon. The researchers found that the watermelon had improved the blood pressure of their subjects.

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The Unsavory Side of Taste Testing

According to NPR, taste testing foods isn't the dream job you imagined. The "sensory panelists" must taste similar foods — sometimes for months — and describe them with the appropriate vocabulary. The sessions can last for hours. One panelist said after trying various snacks for a frozen food company, he'd come home with blisters in his mouth from the salt.

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Oreo Punch?

Last week, we reported on squeezable Oreo icings; now the famous cookie comes in a fruit punch flavor! The exotic, new Oreo is available at Walmart now.

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Hungry for More News Bites?

Cut back on diet soda and instead rejoice that cookie dough is safe to eat! Maybe even get a $25 dollar hot dog. Don't forget to celebrate the return of Game of Thrones with an appropriate feast!


How do you take your coffee?

Quartz has compiled a fun map that shows the most popular Starbucks orders by region. Interestingly, iced coffee tends to be popular in the Southwest, while mochas are ordered fairly consistently throughout the nation.

In other news, you might want to lay off the quinoa, watermelon could prevent high blood pressure, taste testing is actually a tough gig and the new Oreo flavor packs a punch of flavor (hint, hint).

Check out the slideshow above for today's News Bites.

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