News Bites: Most Expensive Starbucks Drink and A New Slurpee

News Bites: Most Expensive Starbucks Drink and A New Slurpee
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News Bites: Most Expensive Starbucks Drink and A New Slurpee

Read on for the June 2, 2014 edition of News Bites.

The Most Expensive Starbucks Order Ever!

After buying 12 Starbucks beverages, a customer named Andrew was eligible for a free drink. Andrew ordered a 128-ounce Sexagintuple Vanilla Bean Mocha Frappucino for $54.75, which consists of a Venti vanilla bean caramel Frappuccino, 60 shots of espresso, mocha and white mocha with caramel on top. Andrew says he didn't drink the whole thing, phew! The previous most expensive order at Starbucks was $47.30.

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The LeBron James Slurpee

Famed Miami Heat basketball player LeBron James has teamed up with Slurpee to create a signature beverage. The Sprite 6 Mix by LeBron James is the first flavor ever sponsored by a professional athlete. The Slurpee will consist of an orange and cherry-flavored Sprite and will be sold exclusively at 7-Eleven.

Image Credit: Twitter via Slurpee

McDonald's World Cup Sandwiches

Recently News Bites reported that McDonald's was selling World Cup-themed French fries. Now the fast food giant will be selling sandwiches celebrating seven different countries. Each themed sandwich will appear on the menu one day of the week.

Image Credit: Twitter via McDonald's

Candy Pizza

Ever wish you could have pizza for dessert? This is now a possibility in Japan, where Pizza Hut has created the Caramel and Marshmallow Pizza. After teaming up with the candy company Morinaga Milk Caramel, Pizza Hut has debuted a sweet pizza covered in colorful, mini marshmallows, almond slivers and a milk caramel sauce. The pizza still has a cheddar cheese crust.

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An Eight-Year-Old Pastry Chef

Taylor Moxey is an 8-year-old pastry chef from South Florida who has made thousands of dollars selling her cupcakes. She is meticulous about decorating her custom cupcake boxes and packaging her treats. She hopes to open her own bakery one day, but in the mean time donates part of her earnings to a charity for dyslexia awareness.

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Hungry for More News Bites?

Last Friday, News Bites explored the new waffle-donut in Los Angeles and the recent ban on candy in the check out aisles of Britain's largest supermarket chain.

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Everyone loves free food. However, one Starbucks customer took his free drink to another level by ordering the most expensive drink ever made at the coffee chain.

In other News:

  • The LeBron James Slurpee is coming to 7-Eleven this summer.
  • McDonald's is serving World Cup-themed sandwiches.
  • Pizza Hut Japan tries out a sweet pizza.
  • An 8-year-old pastry chef has sold thousands of cupcakes.

Check out the slideshow above for today's News Bites.

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