News Bites: Jelly Bean-Flavored Milk, Rice for Diets and More

News Bites: Jelly Bean-Flavored Milk, Rice for Diets and More
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News Bites: Jelly Bean-Flavored Milk, Rice for Diets and More

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Jelly Bean Milk

Would you drink Jelly Bean Milk? Just in time for Easter, Prarie Farms Dairy has released a very colorful drink. The beverage comes in fun flavors like Chocolate Marshmallow and Easter Egg Nog.

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Rice Every Day

A new study has found that improving your diet is as simple as consuming white or brown rice daily. Rice is naturally low in fat and sodium and left the subjects feeling fuller after meals. Eating rice is also correlated with consuming more fruits, vegetables and legumes.

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The Double Down Returns.

For a limited time, KFC is bringing back its famous bread-less sandwich the Double Down. The indulgent meal replaces the buns with two pieces of fried chicken, which sandwich together cheese and bacon. The Double Down is back April 21st.

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Teens Want Food Not Fashion.

New research has found that teenagers are spending just as much on food as they are clothes. This is the first time food has been prioritized as highly as fashion. An investment firmed asked 7,500 teens about their spending habits and found that teens spent about as much on retail as they did on food.

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College Athletes To Have Free Food?

The NCAA recently proposed that college athletes from Division 1 schools receive free food from their respective colleges. The proposal would apply to student-athletes with scholarships and those without.

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Hungry for more News Bites?

Yesterday, News Bites explored how labels affect metabolism and the why beef prices continue to rise.

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Easter is around the corner, which conjures up memories of colorful eggs, Easter baskets and candies of all sorts. Now that jelly bean-flavored milk exists, will it make the cut for your Easter festivities?

A new study has found that consuming a serving of rice could help prevent weight gain since it encourages satiety.

In other news the KFC Double Down is back, teens spend about the same amount on food and clothes and the NCAA believes college athletes should receive free food.

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