News Bites: James Beard Awards and Grilled Cheese Parachutes

News Bites: James Beard Awards and Grilled Cheese Parachutes
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News Bites: James Beard Awards and Grilled Cheese Parachutes

Read on for News Bites for May 6, 2014.

James Beard Awards

The equivalent of the best actor or actress category of the James Beard Awards was awarded to Nancy Silverton, who won for Outstanding Chef. Silverton is the founder of Los Angeles restaurants Pizzeria Mozza and Osteria Mozza. The Outstanding Restaurant award went to The Slanted Door in San Francisco. No surprise to Cronut fans, the Outstanding Pastry Chef went to Dominique Ansel of the Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City.

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An Unusual Grilled Cheese Delivery

The Australian pop-up restaurant Jafflechutes plans to bring its unusual delivery system to North America. "Jaffle" is Australian for grilled cheese and that's what Jallfechutes is all about. Customers can order grilled cheese sandwiches through Paypal and then stand on a "x," where a sandwich will drop from the sky in a tiny parachute.

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Food trends can be strange. First it was quinoa, then it was cupcakes, now it's...toast? Yep, the breakfast staple is now experiencing an artisanal revival. According to the food-trend chronicler David Sax, food trends actually have a lot to do with the collective psyche of a society. He believes the cupcake demand was due to a need for childhood comfort after the attacks on September 11th. Fondue was popular in the sixties because Americans longed to seem cultured. Sax theorizes that the toast trend reflects America's increasing interest in the food movement. Looking for clean, whole, natural foods doesn't exclude something as benign as toast.

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Sales of beets are on the rise. Retail analysts at Kantar say that sales of beets have risen by 20 percent in only four years. This is probably due to recent claims that beet juice could improve athletic performance.

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Jon Favreau Plays a Chef

In his new movie Chef, Jon Favreau plays a man who, after being fired from his restaurant job, goes to work in a food truck. To prepare for the role, Favreau sought help from Roy Choi, the founder of the Kogi taco truck and a major catalyst of the food truck revolution.

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Hungry for More News Bites?

Yesterday, News Bites explored the new Dominique Ansel spring menu and how fish could reduce the risk of depression in women.

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The James Beard Awards took place on May 5th. They are the culinary version of the Oscars. Read on to learn more about the winners. Hint: one may have included the inventor of the Cronut...

In other news:

  • An Australian company delivers grilled cheese by parachute!
  • In terms of food trends, you'll never guess which breakfast food is the new cupcake.
  • Sales of this root vegetable increase.
  • Jon Favreau preps for a role with the help of the Kogi Truck founder.

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