News Bites: Hypoallergenic Peanuts and a Chia Seed Recall

News Bites: Hypoallergenic Peanuts and a Chia Seed Recall
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News Bites: Hypoallergenic Peanuts and a Chia Seed Recall

Read on for the June 16, 2014 edition of News Bites.

Hypoallergenic Peanuts

Peanut allergies are very common and can be deadly. At the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, Dr. Jianmei Yu has created a treatment for peanuts that leaves them with untraceable amounts of the allergy-causing enzymes. The best part is that the hypoallergenic peanuts taste like ordinary peanuts, so they could be used in flours and other products for people who have peanut allergies. Dr. Yu also hopes the hypoallergenic peanuts can be used for exposure therapy to help lessen the reactions patients have to peanuts.

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Salmonella Outbreak from Chia Seeds

Last week, we reported tons of beef was recalled due to potential contamination with mad cow disease. This week, the CDC is investigating a salmonella outbreak from chia seed powder. So far 21 people in 12 states have been affected.

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Espresso In Space

Italian espresso company Lavazza is set to launch espresso...into space! Since astronauts have been complaining about the quality of their coffee in space, Lavazza decided to collaborate with the Italian aersopace engineering company, Argotec. The result is the ISSpresso machine, which uses capsules to make espresso, coffee, caffe lungo and other hot beverages. The machine weighs 44 pounds and works upside down and in other extreme conditions.

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Holographic Chocolate

For many chocolate lovers, the site of a chocolate bar is beautiful enough, but now scientists have decided to make the dessert even more attractive. Morphotonix, a company based in Switzerland, has developed a way to add colorful holograms to chocolate. When you tilt the chocolate from side to side, colorful patterns and rainbows appear on the surface. Don't worry, the chocolate-hologram technology doesn't include a litany of bad additives. Instead the chocolate is poured into a special mold that makes specific bumps that allow the hologram to appear on the chocolate.

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Jack in the Box Cronut

Jack in the Box is testing a Cronut-like dessert. According to Foodbeast, the croissant-donuts are being sold in Ramona, California. For .89 cents the croissant-donut seems like a tasty bargain.

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Feel like you're missing out because of a peanut allergy? Peanuts are one of the most common food allergies and can even be deadly. Now scientists are working on hypoallergenic peanuts to combat the allergy and allow peanut-free individuals to finally get a taste of peanut butter.

In other News:

  • A superfood is being recalled.
  • Espresso is about to go where no espresso has gone before.
  • Chocolate just got even more beautiful.
  • This fast food chain has been testing a Cronut-like dessert.

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