News Bites: How Junk Food is Linked to Laziness, A Photo App That Counts Calories and More

News Bites: How Junk Food is Linked to Laziness, A Photo App That Counts Calories and More
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News Bites: How Junk Food is Linked to Laziness, A Photo App That Counts Calories and More

Read on for today's News Bites.

Count Calories With An App.

Unless you're eating at a restaurant that lists the calories of each dish, it's hard to know how much you're consuming, which is why an app is being developed to count calories of any meal with a smartphone photo. Called Ceres, the app will calculate the calories of a dish by analyzing an image taken by the user's smartphone.

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Junk Food Makes You Lazy.

A new study from UCLA found that rats grew lazier when given a diet high in processed food. Researchers fed one group of rats eat a diet of unprocessed foods and the other rats very processed foods with a lot of fat and sugar. The diets of both groups of rats had about the same amount of fat, protein and carbs, but the rats who ate junk food were definitely fatter after just three months and their movements were more impaired. The researchers noticed that the rats who ate junk food experienced more fatigue.

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Green Tea Improves Memory.

New research has found that green tea extract greatly improves cognitive function, especially memory. The results of the study were also promising for the treatment of disorders like dementia. The research from the University of Basel found that the green tea extract helped increase the brain's effective connectivity, which helps in actual cognitive performance.

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Is Quinoa Kosher?

When observing Passover, Jews must abstain from grains like wheat, rye, barley, oats and spelt because they rise after 18 minutes when mixed with water. Instead Jews eat matzo, which is unleavened bread. However, rabbis are now exploring whether grains like quinoa are kosher! If quinoa becomes kosher for Passover, grains like buckwheat and millet might be next.

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Ukrainian Chocolate

Known as "the Chocolate King," Petro Poroshenko made his billions by building a candy empire in Ukraine. Now he is in line to join the Ukrainian Presidential race, which doesn't exactly thrill Russia. Russia has said some unsavory things about Poroshenko's company.

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Need another reason to lay off the junk food? A new study has found a link between eating a too much junk food and laziness. So, if you're trying to cut back on the calories, there's a new app in the works for that. The creators of the iPhone's Siri are working on an app that will count the calories of a meal conveniently through a smartphone photo.

In other news, green tea could boost memory, quinoa is kosher for Passover and chocolate is a factor in the Ukraine conflict.

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