News Bites: Eat All the Cookie Dough You Want!

News Bites: Eat All the Cookie Dough You Want!
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News Bites: Eat All the Cookie Dough You Want!

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Safe Cookie Dough

It's hard to resist a bite of raw cookie dough when baking, which is why a brilliant company has finally made edible cookie dough. Called Unbakeables, the cookie dough cookies come in nine flavors like chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, birthday cake and thin mint. The sweets are egg free, which makes them safer to consume than ordinary homemade raw cookie dough.

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Cutting Calories by 10 percent

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have studied the effect of diet on monkeys for 25 years. They discovered that the monkeys who ate 30 percent fewer calories had a reduced chance of early death and other age-related illnesses. While the findings suggest that reducing calorie consumption by 10 percent could increase life expectancy, the researchers do not recommend restricting calories below a healthy level.

Ranch Dressing Sales Rise

Ranch dressing is the most ubiquitous of salad dressings! Ranch has become a dip for hot wings, veggies and even pizza crust. According to a new report, ranch is the number one salad dressing shipped to restaurants and cafeterias throughout the country. It has even been dubbed the "new ketchup."

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Top Chef Goes to Sea

This summer, former Top Chef contestants will sail off on several Celebrity Cruise vacations. The different cruises will host former chefs from Top Chef Chicago, Top Chef All Stars, Top Chef Las Vegas and more. The cruises will have "Quickfire" challenges and other activities.

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Everyone thinks about cutting calories, but new research has found that cutting just 10 percent of your daily calories could help increase life expectancy and ward off illness. On the subject of calories, can you guess which salad dressing is the most popular in America? Hint: it's actually high in calories!

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