News Bites: David Beckham Teams Up With Whiskey, Oreos For Every Meal And More

News Bites: David Beckham Teams Up With Whiskey, Oreos For Every Meal And More
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News Bites: David Beckham Teams Up With Whiskey, Oreos For Every Meal And More

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Oreos Gone Wild!

As a fun "snack hack" challenge, several chefs decided to use Oreos in the most unlikely ways. Michael Voltaggio from season six of Top Chef made Oreo tortilla chips and an Oreo Shandy. Meanwhile Roy Choi, the creator of the Korean Taco Truck, Kogi, made Oreo chicken tenders while Nguyen Tran from Starry Kitchen made an Oreo Bread Pudding.

Image Courtesy of Oreo

David Beckham Scores Scotch Deal.

David Beckham and Diageo have teamed up to create a new Scotch called Haig Club. Beckham will help in the development of the brand and its strategy. The Scotch is said to have a "butterscotch and toffee" flavor.

Image Credit: Uri Schanker via WireImage

Aw, Sugar, Sugar, Aw, Honey, Honey!

In an attempt to cut down on rampant use of excess sugar, the FDA has decreed that companies may no longer call an ingredient honey if it contains added sugar. Food labels should now clarify when honey and sugar are mixed. According to the Associated Press, "If those sweeteners are added, the label should read "blend of sugar and honey" or "blend of honey and corn syrup."'

Cue The Archies.

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Chocolate Toothpaste

The oral care company, Theodent, has created a chocolate-flavored tooth paste. The product gets its chocolate-y taste from cacao and will make brushing your teeth taste sweet!

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Legumes Could Lower Cholesterol.

A new study has found that consuming one serving of legumes per day could help prevent high cholesterol levels. Canadian researchers studied over 1,000 middle aged men and women and found that one serving of beans was correlated with the reduction of bad cholesterol levels by about five percent. The subjects who ate a serving of legumes daily dropped their LDL cholesterol levels by .17 points as well.

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David Beckham scores again! This time the retired soccer superstar has signed on to promote a scotch whiskey. Beckham has teamed up with the British the company Diageo, to be the face of a new scotch and will be involved in the development of the brand.

Several impressive chefs have found miraculous ways to use Oreos as a fun addition to the most unlikely dishes. Would you try Oreo tortilla chips?

In other news, companies can no longer call an ingredient honey if sugar is added to it, chocolate-flavored tooth paste exists and research finds eating legumes could lower cholesterol levels.

Check out the slideshow above for today's News Bites.

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