News Bites: Coffee Could Prevent Tooth Decay and More on Gut Bacteria

News Bites: Coffee Could Prevent Tooth Decay and More on Gut Bacteria
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News Bites: Coffee Could Prevent Tooth Decay and More on Gut Bacteria

Read on for the June 13, 2014 edition of News Bites.

Black Coffee Could Prevent Tooth Decay.

Even though coffee is known to stain teeth, new research suggests that black coffee in moderation could actually prevent tooth decay. Researchers at Rio de Janeiro's Federal University found that coffee broke down bacterial biofilms on teeth, which cause plaque.

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Protein, Exercise and the Gut

At the moment, scientists are fascinated by the world of gut bacteria. While many studies have found foods that promote the good bacteria's growth, now researchers have discovered that exercise could affect it too. Scientists at the University College of Cork studied the eating habits of 40 rugby players and compared their gut bacteria to a control group. The rugby players had higher levels of a bacteria associated with good health. The rugby players also consumed more protein than the control group, which suggests that a combination of diet and exercise can contribute to the health of gut bacteria.

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Starbucks Charge

Starbucks recently announced that they would install wireless smartphone charging stations in their stores starting on the West coast and then in major cities nationwide through 2015.

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Crocodile Egg Ice Cream

At Davao Crocodile Park in the Phillipines you can enjoy crocodile egg ice cream. The store just uses crocodile eggs instead of regular chicken eggs. The crocodile eggs are meant to have a creamier texture than regular eggs, so there's not actually any crocodile meat in the ice cream. The ice cream comes in three flavors: crocodile pandan (a green leaf common in Asian cusine), crocodile durian (a custard-y fruit) and crocodile dragon fruit (a pink kiwi-esq fruit).

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Dandelions for Dinner

Where most people see weeds on the lawn, Irish chef, Darina Allen, sees a tasty dinner! Dandelions have twice as much calcium as spinach and three time as much vitamin A. She says that while most people know that the dandelion leaves are edible, they don't remember that the flower is edible too. She uses dandelions to make dandelion fritters.

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Beef Recall

Over 4,000 pounds of beef have been recalled for fear of mad cow disease. Officials were concerned that the meat could have encountered contaminated materials.

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Coffee is known to stain teeth, but new research has found that drinking black coffee in moderation actually helps to prevent the bacteria that causes tooth decay. The researchers found that coffee helped to break down the bacteria that causes plaque, which can in turn help to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

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