News Bites: Coffee Could Prevent Diabetes, Almonds Rule and More

News Bites: Coffee Could Prevent Diabetes, Almonds Rule and More
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News Bites: Coffee Could Prevent Diabetes, Almonds Rule and More

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Coffee Could Prevent Diabetes

New research suggests that drinking coffee could decrease the risk of developing diabetes. The study was published in the journal Diabetologia and explored how altering coffee consumption could affect diabetes risk. The researchers found that people who increased their coffee consumption had an 11 percent lower risk of type 2 diabetes. The participants who drank less coffee experienced a 17 percent increased risk in developing diabetes.

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Eat Almonds.

Six new studies found almonds to be a very healthy snack. The studies were presented at the American Society of Nutrition Scientific Sessions. One study found almonds to be helpful in preventing diabetes, another found that eating almonds increased nutrient intake and another found that eating almonds could help to curb the appetites of the participants.

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BBQ Goes Global

The international food scene has grown fascinated with American barbecue. From Tokyo to Leeds, Beijing to Mexico, the world seems to be hungry for Texas-style barbecue.

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Dominos App

Now you can design your own Domino's pizza via app and even see your creation in 3D. The "realistic pizza builder" gives the user a better idea of what the pizza will look like.

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Coping with the Lime Shortage

Chefs and bartenders in Los Angeles have been trying to find ways to cope with the recent lime shortage. Some look for secret stashes of limes while others try to use more lemon.

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As a health food, coffee is complex. It boasts some significant health benefits that have been highlighted in research before. Now, one new study has found yet another big reason to drink a cup in the morning.

In other news:

  • Almonds are still really healthy, according to six new studies.
  • BBQ is becoming trendy globally.
  • A new Dominos app makes ordering pizza even more mouth-watering.
  • One way L.A. restaurants are coping with the lime shortage.

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