News Bites: Big Krackel Returns and Coffee Supply At Risk

News Bites: Big Krackel Returns and Coffee Supply At Risk
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News Bites: Big Krackel Returns and Coffee Supply At Risk

Read on for the May 21, 2014 edition of News Bites.

Big Krackel Bars

Since 1997, Krackel bars have been bite-size treats found in variety packs of candy, but now Hershey's relaunching its full-size Krackel bar for the first time in 17 years!

Image Credit: Twitter via Hershey

Coffee Prices Rise.

The global supply of coffee is at risk of a massive shortage. Brazil is the world's largest coffee producer and the country has experienced drought and a disease called leaf rust that targets coffee trees.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Gluten Sensitivity Might Not Exist.

Peter Gibson, a key researcher who found evidence of gluten sensitivity, has now published a paper that reveals the opposite of his previous findings. In 2011, Peter Gibson observed that diets with gluten could cause gastrointestinal problems in people who didn't have celiac disease, however, he's recently re-examined his work and found in comparison with his first study that there was "...absolutely no specific response to gluten."

Image Credit: Getty Images

Chipotle Bans Guns.

After a Facebook photo of two Chipotle customers displaying their rifles in a store, Chipotle has decided to prohibit customers from bringing firearms into their establishment and released a statement clarifying their stance.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Tomatoes May Cause Body Odor.

A chemist has found that tomatoes can cause body odor. According to the study, the oil in tomatoes contains terpenes, which smells similar to sweat. When the chemist abstained from tomatoes, he noticed that his body odor decreased.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Hungry for More News Bites?

Yesterday, News Bites explored the myth of detoxing and the surprising reason lime prices have dropped.

Image Credit: Getty Images


Krackel fans rejoice — the tiny candy usually found in variety packs around Halloween is back and bigger than ever (literally). Hershey's is launching a full-size Krackel!

In other news:

  • There might be a global coffee shortage soon.
  • Researchers are saying that gluten sensitivity doesn't exist.
  • Chipotle won't let customers bring guns to its restaurants.
  • Tomatoes could cause B.O.

Check out the slideshow above for today's News Bites.

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