News Bites: The Bacon Gene and a Benefit of Eating White Bread

News Bites: The Bacon Gene and a Benefit of Eating White Bread
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News Bites: The Bacon Gene and a Benefit of Eating White Bread

Read on for the June 12, 2014 edition of News Bites.

Tastes Might Genetic

At the University of Trieste and the Burlo Garofolo Institute for Maternal and Child Health, researchers have been trying to locate genes that cause people to prefer certain foods. The study found 17 genes correlated with preferring foods like bacon, coffee, ice cream and dark chocolate. With 4,000 participants, the researchers were able to identify preferences for the following foods: bacon, coffee, broccoli, dark chocolate, chicory, ice cream, blue cheese, orange juice, buttered bread, plain yogurt, mushroom and white wine. The lead author of the study, Nicola Piratsu, believes this could help to customize diets. If someone doesn't like broccoli, then it can be replaced or prepared differently to make the subject want to eat it more.

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Good News About White Bread

White bread is much maligned for encouraging weight gain, but a new study has found that white bread boosts Lactobacillus bacteria, the kind that's good for the gut. There's been a whole host of research about the importance of gut bacteria.

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Water for Pregnant Women

Bump Water is a beverage for pregnant women that contains folic acid, which is hugely important in fetal development. The water also contains niacin, zinc, calcium, biotin, magnesium and vitamins A, D, E, B6 and B12.

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Paula Deen Online

Paula Deen plans to launch "The Paula Deen Network" online this September. The network will be subscription-based and Deen told USA TODAY that she has been working on new healthy and fast recipes for the show.

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School Lunches

The National School Lunch Program provides free or reduced lunch to nearly 31 million kids daily. The guidelines have recently changed to include 100% whole grain products in schools and reduced sodium.

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Yesterday, News Bites discovered which state drinks the most alcohol.

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Isn't it interesting how some people just can't get enough bacon, while others drink coffee nonstop? A new study suggests that many of these preferences could be genetically determined, so be sure to thank your parents if you love broccoli!

In Other News:

  • New research found white bread could benefit gut bacteria.
  • This water hydrates pregnant women.
  • Paula Deen made a big announcement.
  • The school lunch debate continues.

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