News Bites: Another Reason to Avoid Diet Soda

News Bites: Another Reason to Avoid Diet Soda
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News Bites: Another Reason to Avoid Diet Soda

Read on for today's best food news.

Dark Chocolate Is Still Healthy.

A recent study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that an antioxidant in cocoa powder helped to lower the blood sugar levels of mice and even prevented them from gaining weight. Cocoa is a flavanol-rich food, which has been found to prevent Type 2 diabetes and weight gain.

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Drop the Diet Soda.

Among the plethora of evidence that suggests drinking diet soda isn't the best idea, a new study has found a link between diet soda and heart disease in older women. Scientists studied the diet beverage consumption of 59,614 women whose average age was 62.8. They examined the relationship between heart problems and diet drink intake and found that women who drank more than two diet beverages per day were 30 percent more likely to have a stroke or heart attack.

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Craving Cookie Dough?

More good news for cookie dough lovers! Dunkin Donuts has released a Cookie Dough Coffee. The drink seems to combine childhood nostalgia with adult caffeine thanks to the Cookie Dough Swirl flavoring that can sweeten hot and iced coffees, lattes and more.

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Whole Foods to Brew Beer

Whole Foods already sells beers from over 500 different companies and now will undertake the process of making its own. The brewing of the beer itself will likely take place in the Houston location.

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Ready for a big gulp of News Bites?

For diet soda drinkers, there is some more hard news to swallow. A recent study found a link between diet soda and heart disease among middle-aged women.

Diet soda isn't the only drink on the market anyway. Whole Foods plans to create their own brand of brewed beer and Dunkin Donuts has added a new tempting treat to their drink line up. In more sweet news, another study has found a new health benefit of chocolate!

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