News Bites: A 25 Dollar Corn Dog

News Bites: A 25 Dollar Corn Dog
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News Bites: A 25 Dollar Corn Dog

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Orange Chicken Milkshake

This may sound April Fool's-worthy, but Panda Express has launched two savory milkshakes based on their most popular dishes. The Orange Chicken and Broccoli Beef milkshakes are surprisingly only 100 calories per drink.

Think this news is too good to be true? It is, April Fools!

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The D-Bat Dog

Stunt foods are a wild way for restaurants and fast food chains to garner attention. Now, stunt food has moved to the baseball stadium. The Arizona Diamondbacks plan to sell at $25 dollar corn dog called the D-Bat Dog. The 18-inch behemoth comes stuffed with cheese, jalapenos and bacon with a side of fries. You'll definitely need the seventh-inning stretch after this corn dog.

Image Credit: Twitter via The Arizona Diamondbacks

A Food Truck Sails Off.

Food trucks are a fun trend, popping up all over urban centers. Now food trucks might be heading to sea. Royal Caribbean Cruises will now have the SeaPlex Dog House truck as part of their entertainment center. The food truck will be located near the cruise's new basketball court and roller skating rink.

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Fois Gras Cocktail

Fois gras is going where no fois gras has ever gone before: the cocktail. Oregon based restaurant, Ox now shaves frozen foie gras terrine on top of a Bourbon-based drink, which is perfectly titled "Foie the Hell of it." Mon dieu!

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In the midst of April Fool's madness, baseball has returned!

With baseball comes peanuts, cracker jacks and hot dogs, of course. The new corn dog now being featured at the Diamondback's stadium Chase Field is the homerun of corn dogs in both size and indulgence. And that's not all the weird food that's out there. Learn which savory flavors are being added to milkshakes.

Check out the slideshow above for today's food news.

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