New York Steakhouse Sells $350 Steak

New York Steakhouse Sells $350 Steak

The Old Homestead steakhouse, located in the Meatpacking District of New York City, is currently offering up a 12-ounce slab of Japanese Kobe beef for $350. The beef just recently became available in the US, and is one of the more expensive meat options you'll find anywhere.

Marc Sherry, co-owner of the Old Homestead steakhouse, told the New York Post that there is currently a waiting list for the rare meat. But why is it so expensive?

Kobe beef is rare and producing it is a time-consuming process, requiring the Wagyu breed of cattle, which dates all the way back to 1830. The cows must be rubbed down with straw three times a day and massaged so that the fat blends with muscle. The cows are fed a diet of soybeans, rice, grain and beer to stimulate appetite.

In Japan, Kobe beef sells for more than $100 a pound. In the US, the cattle that produce Kobe beef have been bred with American cattle, which is why pure Kobe beef in the US is rare.

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