New Grape Tastes Like Cotton Candy

A new designer fruit tastes like cotton candy.

Fruit breeder David Cain has created a hybrid grape plant that produces fruit that tastes like cotton candy, according to NPR. Dubbed the Cotton Candy grape, the designer fruit looks and smells like ordinary green grapes and differs only in taste, which has little tartness (to bring out its sweet flavor) and a slight hint of vanilla.

NPR reports that Cain bred the new variety without genetic engineering or artificial flavors and resorted to old-fashioned plant breeding. The hybrid plant pulls its flavors from a Concord-like grape and its seedless property and firm texture from Vitis vineferia. It has about 12 percent more sugar than regular table grapes.

The new variety is being distributed by Grapery and is due to hit grocery stores as soon as next week, according to ABC's Good Morning America. In an interview with the news outlet, Jim Beagle, CEO of Grapery, says that experimental trials have also produced fruits with flavors that taste like "gummy bears, lollipops, grape soda... and all sorts of candy flavors."

Check out our slideshow below for more weird fruits from around the world.

Image Credit: Bernard Jaubert

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