National Popcorn Day: Let's Get Things Poppin'! Editors
National Popcorn Day: Let's Get Things Poppin'!

Something remarkable took place in the late 19th century; Americans finally started to discover the beauty of popcorn! Starting at carnivals and working its way to outside movie theaters, the public couldn't get enough. Although, movie theater owners felt somewhat differently, concerned that popcorn was distracting patrons from their establishment. The worries faded when owners decided that they would also begin selling the profitable treat. And ever since 1912, they've done precisely that, bringing in quite possibly more money from popcorn than ticket sales. (Ninety cents from every dollar spent on popcorn is pure profit!)

Nothing can (and likely ever will) replace the classic, traditional experience of eating popcorn. Its versatility never ceases to amaze us. Cover it in caramel? Check. Drench it in butter? Check. Cover it in spices or opt for a healthier style? Check. The options are endless. Whether munching at home, at a carnival or in the theater, we know one thing is for certain: it's National Popcorn Day and we're ready to get poppin' with the celebrations!

To find out how to make healthier popcorn, popcorn with spices and even take a tour at a popcorn factory, check out our video playlist above!