Naples Waiter Gets $1500 Tip

Naples Waiter Gets $1500 Tip

A waiter was left $1500 richer after a Tuesday night shift when a generous couple rewarded him for his hard-working service.

According to the Naples Daily News, Carlos Perez, who works at the downtown Naples, Florida restaurant Pazzo!, was working a busy Tuesday night shift that was suddenly overwhelmed with diners. The couple sympathized with Carlos, telling him they were former restaurant workers. When Carlos took their order, the man wanted to play a game, which started with asking Carlos if the chef could prepare veal marsala, which was not on the menu.

When Carlos delivered on the dish, the man asked what were the line cooks' favorite beer, and then thanked the entire kitchen staff by buying them two cases of beer.

Finally, the man asked Carlos what he would do if he had some money for himself and the time.

"I said, 'Sir, I work two jobs. I don't really have time,'" Carlos recalled to the Daily News.

With the money, though, he admitted he would fix his car, which needed repairs costing $1500 for a blown head gasket.

"He slides me over the server book, the check book, and he opens it. And there it is, 1500 dollars. I thank God for you and for what you've done. And again it couldn't have come at a much better time so I'm eternally grateful wherever you are," Carlos told the local news.

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Image Credit: Getty Images