My Pantry Staple

I grew up in a house with the red and blue cylinder box in the cupboard and can't think of a time when at least one hasn't been on my shelves as well.

Some of my warmest memories are of coming downstairs after getting ready for school, walking into the kitchen and seeing my mom at the stove, adding golden raisins to an almost-finished batch of perfectly cooked oatmeal. My favorite cookie of all time is Hubby's aunt's chewy oatmeal cookies, made with Quaker oats.

If you're like me, your Quaker oats are used for so much more than oatmeal or cookies, aren't they? A handful gets thrown into the family's favorite meatloaf. I add it to the meat component of my moussaka. The crumble for that apple pie? Better with oats added.

Several weeks ago, Dudette came down with a nasty stomach bug. She spent three days in bed, unable to eat and barely able to drink. Nothing would stay down, not even simple crackers. Then came the day that she said the words I had been waiting for. She was hungry.

Check out the slideshow above to find out what Kitchen Daily Curator Taking on Magazines did for her sick daughter.

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