Mother's Day Edible Flowers

When it's time to celebrate motherhood, flowers are our ubiquitous go-to gift. Every Mother's Day, masses of blooms are dispatched to harried moms across the country in ornate and colorful arrangements. Unfortunately, they are rarely made useful. While it's nice to look at a bouquet bursting with colorful life, it's even better to take it to the next level and infuse some blossoms into your Mother's Day feasts.

Not every bud is edible, but with just a little planning, the food at your Mother's Day feast can be just as vibrant as the vase the plate sits next to, overflowing with flowering color and taste. Savory and sweet, from breakfast to dessert, there's a flower for every course. Here are our favorites.

Before jumping into the deep end of edible flower creations, start simple. Blossoming tea is an way to add flowers to mom's diet; it requires only hot water, and can make for a beautiful and useful gift. Flower blossoms are sewn into a little ball that expands in hot water, oozing delicious tea flavor floating around jasmine, amaranth, and other sweet buds. A clear vessel is necessary for full effect, so gift mom a see-through teapot or glass mug (bought separately or as a set), and pour her a great pot of flower tea to start the day.

Check out the slideshow above to find a day full of flowers, from breakfast to dessert.

Warning: While it's usually great to experiment in the kitchen, this is one circumstance where we suggest following recipes and researching the flowers you'd like to use. While many are edible, there are even more that are poisonous. Please use caution when moving beyond the following recipes.

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