The Most Wonderful Thing in the World

The Most Wonderful Thing in the World

Cookies!!! Aren't they just the most wonderful thing in the world? I personally am obsessed with them, and I have reluctantly passed this obsession on to my kids. Every day at some point or another you can find me chomping down on a cookie and because of this my kids think they need to chomp down on one too. Now I'm a sucker for big brown eyes and a puppy dog face so more times than not I cave in and give them not just a cookie but not just any cookie! A healthy energy packed cookie loaded with goodness and more times than not I join them in this sweet treat!

One of our favorite cookies that we enjoy as a family and always have on hand is the Quaker Mixed Berry Cookies. They have the perfect texture and consistency and the hints of berries throughout make them extra special. They are sweet, they are lightly salty and just right for the kids. I never mind giving them one of these and I know I can feel good about it. As spring begins and summer approaches here in the south we are never short of hot days so with these cookies in mind, I treated my hungry boys to a nice cold Berry Cookie Yogurt Sandwich.

Check out the slideshow above to see how Kitchen Daily curator Kitchen Belleicious makes this sweet treat!

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