The Most Searched Recipes of 2012


Each year, factors such as food trends, the economy, and even the weather influence people around the world to craft certain dishes at home, and they often turn to the Internet for these recipes. Some recipe searches are ever popular, such as chicken or chili, which are among the most searched recipes online year after year.

Still, other recipes rise and fall in Internet popularity. This year, we saw an international obsession with cupcakes, a dessert that was growing as a search term in 2011, and its recipes have now become one of the top searches in 2012. Similarly, items such as bread and pizza, which made the list in recent years, have given way to more decadent endeavors such as banana bread and lasagna.

View the slideshow above to find out the number one, most searched recipe online in 2012 and discover some delicious recipes along the way.

The 9 most searched recipes online were compiled using Google Trends.

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