The Most Outrageous Food Records in the World

The Most Outrageous Food Records in the World
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The Most Outrageous Food Records in the World

Learn about the most outlandish food world records ever set!

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Largest Bubble Gum Bubble

An Alabama man blew the largest bubble gum bubble without using his hands in 2004. The bubble was 20 inches in diameter. That's more than two times the diameter of a basketball!

Largest Spun Pizza

At the Mall of America in Minnesota in 2006, the largest pizza base was spun for two full minutes! More than 1 pound of dough gave way to 33.2-inch wide pizza base (four frisbee-lengths could fit across the pizza).

Most Big Macs Eaten

In 2008, a Wisconsin Man, Donald Gorske beat the world record by eating his 23,000th Big Mac from McDonald's. In 2011, he ate his 25,000th Big Mac and is still going strong, looking forward to his favorite food every day. He has been eating Big Macs every day for nearly 40 years.

Most Straws in Mouth

Most of us are used to drinking with just one straw, but that wasn't enough for Simon Elmore of the Mark 'n' Simon Show who once forced 400 straws into his mouth at one time and held it for 10 seconds!

Tallest Cooked Sugar Structure

A French man, Alain Roby, created a 12-foot, 10.4-inch replica of Chicago's John Hancock building, all from the kitchen staple and favorite coffee addition, sugar (cooked sugar to be exact). It took Roby 11 hours to construct the model and it made history as the tallest cooked sugar sculpture ever.

Most People Having Breakfast in Bed

In Sydney, Australia, 289 people came together to eat breakfast in bed, making for the largest group ever to do so. In order to make room for everyone, Sydney's Martin Place had to call in 85 queen beds. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, there were three more people in the beds who weren't even included in the record: two who were disqualified for having their legs hanging off the bed, and one who was a baby, just being fed by a bottle, rather than a full breakfast.

Most Ice Cream Cones Prepared

Ever wait for a scoop of ice cream for five minutes or more? Well Baskin-Robbins's Mitch Cohen prepared 19 ice cream cones in just one minute!

Most Sugar Crazed Nation

What country is the world's most sugar crazed? If you guessed America, you'd be wrong. Belize actually takes the world record on this one as it consumes 138 pounds of sugar per capita. That is only 26 pounds less than the average weight of a woman!

Largest Hot Dog

The biggest commercially-sold hot dog originated in the U.S. from Gorilla Tango Novelty Meats and weighs in at a whopping seven pounds and 16 inches long (that is the equivalent of 40 standard hot dog servings).

Meanwhile the longest hot dog in the world comes from Paraguay and measures out at 668 feet and 7.62 inches!

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Most Mashed Potatoes Eaten

In 2011 in the UK, a man by the name of Hasib Zafar ate 266 grams or more than a half a pound of mashed potatoes in just 30 seconds.

Image Credit: Ben Fink & Brian Hagiwara/Jupiter Images


The world is a pretty unbelievable place, and it seems even more incredible when you take a look at the extremes. From the largest to the fastest to the truly bizarre, the Guinness Book of World Records has covered these extremes since 1955 and reviews around 50,000 record claims each year. When it comes its food world records, the tales are some of the most outrageous and captivating.

Check out the slideshow above to learn the most outlandish food world records ever set.

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