Most Expensive Free Drink Order Ever At Starbucks Hits $60

Starbucks has a great loyalty program that gives its participants free drinks from time to time. While most can admit to loving their morning coffee (and loving it even more if it is free), a standard order involves a quick iced coffee, latte or a mocha. Still, there is always someone who pushes the boundaries of what is possible, and in the world of Starbucks Coffee, one loyalty member did just that.

A woman from Florida took her free drink offer to a whole new level. She created the most expensive free drink in Starbucks history. The Starbucks in Pembroke Pines, Florida whipped up a truly crazy concoction, that turned out to be $60.58. This definitely was not a spur of the moment decision on this coffee-lover's part. She bought a huge jug in advance to use instead of a cup. She also reached out to the Pembroke Pines store in advance to make sure she could move forward with her coffee-crazed plan. The outrageous drink included caramel, white mocha and hazelnut syrups and of course 60 shots of espresso.

Most people are shocked to find out she was even allowed to create such an elaborate drink. After a man in May set the record at $54.75, there was an announcement made by Starbucks regarding size of their drink orders. It states that the drink must be in a cup no bigger than 24 oz., even if it is free. However, it looks like she was still able to make out with the largest free drink to date. We can only hope she had some help finishing it because with 60 shots of espresso, it is not a one woman job.

Image Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images

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