The Most Essential—and Most Beloved—All-Purpose Cookbooks

All-purpose cookbooks save our butts. Specifically, they save our butts when we come home with pounds of just one vegetable and need a straightforward use for it. They save our butts when all we want is a good chocolate cake. They save our butts when we want roast chicken, or apple pie, or gratin, or anything, really, that won't have us running to the store with a long list of jars we need to make one little recipe.

So, while it's exciting to talk about our newest obsessions, cookbook-wise, we're looking to our own shelves -- and to our community -- to round up our favorite all-purpose cookbooks, those we turn to week after week for sound advice and expansive knowledge.

Check out the slideshow above for the most beloved cookbooks.

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This article originally appeared on Food52: The Most Essential -- and Most Beloved -- All-Purpose Cookbooks.