The Most Disproportionately Popular Foods in Each State

The Most Disproportionately Popular Foods in Each State

Where in America would you say folks love to chow down on Hawaiian food the most? You may assume Hawaii, but if you guessed Utah, you'd be right!

Yelp and The Huffington Post collaborated to discover the most popular cuisines in each state. To calculate the most popular regional cuisines, Yelp figured out the total percent that a given restaurant accounted for per state. Yelp then compared each percentage to the national average. The Huffington Post created a map that showcased the most popular cuisines per state and the results were pretty unexpected.

Many of the findings were unsurprising: Southern states love Southern food, Texas loves Tex-Mex, Maine enjoys its seafood, Hawaii loves Hawaiian cuisine and Florida loves Cuban food. However, many states love foods that you definitely wouldn't expect. In addition to the popularity of Hawaiian food in Utah, residents of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Jersey love Portuguese food and Ohio happens to love its soup. Colorado enjoys gluten-free cuisine far more than the rest of the country and the Midwest seems to really enjoy its steaks and buffets.

At least you can count on Wisconsin to love Traditional American food, like hot dogs and hamburgers, more than the rest of the country!

Watch the video above to learn more about which cuisines are most popular in each state, and head to The Huffington Post for the complete list.

Image Credit: The Huffington Post, Yelp