Mom's Lasting Influence on Food Habits

Mom's Lasting Influence on Food Habits
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Mom's Lasting Influence on Food Habits

Do you feel like you have similar cooking habits to your mother? You aren't imagining things.

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Learning to Cook

If you learned how to cook from your mom, you are not alone. It turns out that 51 percent of Americans uncovered their culinary skills because of their mom.

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Cooking Style

Do you always chop veggies a certain way? Or choose to bake fish rather than pan-sear it for no apparent reason? It may be because your mom did it as well. 66 percent of Americans admit to cooking foods the way their moms used to.

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Sons Versus Daughters

Daughters claim to have learned to cook from mom more often than sons. According to SHS's research, new moms are 17 percent more likely to say that they learned their kitchen skills from their mothers while men are 13 percent less likely.

Mom Versus Friends

According to another study, one from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, moms have a greater influence over the food choices of young children (ages five to seven) than the children's friends. Kids ate healthier in the presence of their mother.

Conversely, friends seem to have the upper hand in terms of influence when it comes to teenage girls. Teen girls (ages 13 to 15) ate healthier around their friends than around their mothers.

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Shopping Habits

While many today look to blogs, friends and cooking shows for advice, still half of Americans buy particular foods because their mom bought them as well.

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Cooking Advice

Where do you turn when you have a cooking question? According to the SHS study, 35 percent of Americans call mom. People under the age of 40 as well and new moms are most likely to dial mom when trying to avoid a kitchen catastrophe.

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Who's the Better Cook?

Nearly half of Americans believe that their mothers are better cooks than themselves, but younger people were far more likely to feel this way. 62 percent of people between the ages 25 and 34 believe their moms' skills are supreme whereas just 36% of those above the age of 65.

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Memories of mom cooking up a casserole or a quick after-school snack are more than just memories. Mom's behavior in the kitchen is highly influential in many of our own cooking, buying and eating behaviors according to new research from Sullivan Higdon & Sink FoodThink in "The Mom Influence" (2012).

Check out the slideshow above to uncover whether Americans really buy certain foods because their mothers did, whether moms have a greater influence on sons or daughters and more.

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