This Microwave Can Count Calories

This Microwave Can Count Calories

This futuristic microwave could be a miracle machine for those trying to cut their calories. General Electric has designed a new microwave that tells you the calorie count of the food it heats. This number is measured by an algorithm that considers the fat content, water content and weight of the food. Currently, the device is only a prototype, but the company has plans to eventually market it to consumers. They also plan for the microwave to send the calorie report straight to consumers' smartphones.

GE has been busy testing the prototype with liquids and is already seeing numbers within a 5 to 10% of the accurate calorie count. The next step for the product is to situate the product so it can measure solid foods and one day, simply fit over a plate, perhaps looking something like the "microwave" in the photo above.

This means that one day, when you mindlessly reheat that leftover slice of pizza or pop that instant mac-n-cheese in the microwave, you could learn just how many calories you are about to consume. While this may be a frightening thought for you, it is likely a very good thing for the microwave. Over the past decade, microwave sales have been flat or declining each and every year. This innovation may revive the once popular kitchen appliance.

While we are for about a healthy lifestyle, sometimes we would prefer to remain blissfully ignorant of just how bad our favorite treats are for us! Would you use this futuristic kitchen appliance? Tell us on Twitter (@KitchenDaily).

Image Credit: GE