Michael Symon Dishes on Cooking Meat

Kitchen Daily had the opportunity to interview the winner of America's Favorite Chef, Michael Symon.

"I have always loved to cook with my family, but a knee injury in high school led me to the kitchen at Gepetto's, [a Cleveland ribs joint]," explains Symon. "That was the beginning of my culinary journey." Since, the chef has made waves across the country with a plethora of television spots, including his most popular, The Chew. "[With The Chew, I love] getting more people in the kitchen and teaching them how to cook quick, affordable food with their families," he says.

The star chef also boasts restaurants, cookbooks, a James Beard Award and, most recently, the title of America's Favorite Chef from Kitchen Daily, an honor with a charitable component which he was thrilled to receive. "On a personal level it's exciting for sure, but what makes it really special was winning for Autism Speaks," says Symon.

Known for his cooking style which he describes as "simple, seasonal and responsible," Symon is of the philosophy that when it comes to cooking, less is more. "In most cases you are better off taking an ingredient out of a dish as opposed to adding one," he explains. As for cooking meat, one of his specialties, he instructs to "always bring your meat to room temperature before cooking and letting it rest after."

Try the meat-guru's trick to perfect meat with our tasty, meaty recipes in the slideshow above.