Melissa Ben-Ishay of Baked by Melissa Talks Food Trends

Melissa Ben-Ishay of Baked by Melissa Talks Food Trends
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Melissa Ben-Ishay of Baked by Melissa Talks Food Trends

Read on for Melissa's take on current food trends.

Her favorite trend in cooking

Melissa says that she enjoys drawing on nostalgia within cooking and baking. "It is definitely a big food trend that I always like to work with. I do flavors that work together, and I am true to that, but I also put a new twist on it if possible," says Melissa.

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Growing popularity of food awareness

Melissa also explains that she's pleased to see a growing trend in people becoming more aware about the food they're eating. "Educating yourself about food is a big trend right now, and I think it is a great one. Pick up a book, read a little bit about food," says Melissa.

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The trend she isn't a fan of

"Fat-free," Melissa shares. "It is trying to be something it’s not. I like authenticity. There are so many desserts that are already fat-free, like meringues. That’s what you should eat if you want fat-free. I’m not really into artificial sweeteners or anything like that," Melissa admits.

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The next big thing in food?

"I think more kids should be baking and being creative," Melissa says. "I think we live in a world where everything is prepared for you. Even part of making cupcakes today is going to the store and getting the mix and the pre-made icing...It’s about learning how to read a recipe and following directions and doing it with somebody else. There is so much to teach and to learn."

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As a cupcake maker, it's safe to say that Melissa Ben-Ishay, the founder of Baked by Melissa cupcakes, knows a thing or two about food trends. She's been baking for a while, and as a cook herself, has recognized the growing trends along the way (and some she prefers more than others). From the food trend she always likes to draw on in her cooking to the one she isn't as keen on, Melissa shares what she's seen going on in the food world.

Check out the slideshow above for Melissa's favorite (and least favorite) food trends.

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